Suchhi kumar First Indian going to represent India in West Africa Ghana At Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival on 26 July 2017

Suchhi Kumar a Bollywood Actor/International Model representing India in Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival (Ghana) 2017 as celebrity guest , Along with  Haute Couture Designer and Ms.Verma  D’mello.

Suchhi Kumar is flying on 26th July 2017 for Accra-Ghana as celebrity guest for Mercedes Benz show at Africa Fashion festival “INDIAN MEDIA” discuss about the Accra Ghana Mercedes Benz show Mr Kumar share his own personal excitement for flying Ghana Mr Kumar informed media ‘this is perfect time for us to exchange love & culture between Ghana and India’, Suchhi Kumar has done few bigger TV Reality shows as HOST/DIRECTOR, known as ‘Perfect Player and Beauty Queen of Mauritius’  for African maturation talents. Suchhi Kumar is very excited for launching his up coming film trailor ‘Game of Crime’ in Taj city .

This year Suchhi Kumar have 2 Complete film “Game of Crime” in Taj city and 2nd is “Sirf 5 Din” Horror thriller with supporting cast Mahie Gil & Raj Babber. Suchhi Kumar signed 2 big international film and shooting is going on in Mumbai. Suchhi kumar is excited to meet new African Actors/ Actress friends and minsters as they always do warm welcome in there own country , Suchhi Kumar is 3rd Indian who was facilitated in United Nation Building, New York, USA as ‘GOD Award 2017’ in  July, first was Manisha Koirala famous Bollywood actress 2nd Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & 3rd Suchhi Kumar.


Suchhi Kumar is flying toMauritius/Sudan/Seychelles as Jury for Miss India Fashion contest in month of September. Suchhi Kumar’s first film was with Amitabh Bachchan family with Dir Rajkumar Santoshi. Suchhi Kumar as lead hero come with legendary actor late Amrish Puri in movie called ‘Mission the last war’ and it was Amrish Puri’s last film. Suchhi Kumar is appointed as goodwill Ambassador in USA new York by WCH.


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